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        [English name]: Milk Thistle Extract
        [Active Constituent]: Silymarin
        [Specification]: DAB10  EP6.0   USP3.2
                 Silybin HPLC 70-98%
                 Water Soluble Silymarin UV20% ,UV40%
        [Test method]: HPLC/UV
        [Product properties]: Brown yellow to Light yellow powder
        [Place of origin]: Shaanxi, China

        Extracted from the fruit of Silybum marianum

        Liver protective effect, antioxidation and antihyperlipidemics.

        Raw material→ Solvent extraction → Concentration → Vacuum drying →Dissolution → Concentration → Crystallization →Vacuum drying.

        25KG/Paper Drum (Diameter 37cm, Height 50cm)

        Store in cool and dry place and keep away from strong direct light and heat
        24 months when properly stored

        Memeber of IFEAT
        Member of China Chamber of Commerce of Medicine & Health Products & Exporters
        KOSHER Certificate
        HALAL Certificate

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