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        Perfect ending: Appchem attracted fans with solid strength at CPhI

        Number of visits: Date:2017-07-18


          On June 22, 2017, the 17th Shanghai CPhI China ushered in the last day of the exhibition. As a 16-year old authoritative exhibition in the ingredient industry, CPhI only invite the exhibitors that have good reputation and excellent strength in the industry. Xi'an Appchem was also invited as an exhibitor of this exhibition, and was successfully listed among the rank of excellent suppliers of plant extract products.



          Appchem's booth was located at the centre of the venue - E4A30, and the CPhI has attracted a large number of customers at home and abroad to visit or consult annually.



          Xi'an Appchem not only has core technology and excellent quality in the ingredients extraction business
          Based on the rehabilitation of human microbiome and cell death regulation and anti-aging product development technology platform, we are able to provide products and services advantageous in terms of cost, safety, cost-performance, function and other aspects for customers in the food, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries, including the natural functional active ingredients with unique advantages:
          Apple extract products;
          Stachyose series products;
          Milk thistle extractseries products;
          Pomegranate extract series products;
          Clary sageseriesproducts;
          Lavender essential oil series products



          In addition, due to the company's accumulations in natural active functional ingredients, biology, pharmacy, medicine and other areas, we are able to solutions for all kinds of needs in an efficient and low cost manner. Based on the "human microbiome" and "cell steady-state technology" innovation platform, we have developed a series of massive health products.
          Gu Lu Chang: the intestinal health products series for children, old age, pregnant women, young people and other specific groups.



          Dui Jiu Dang Ge: rapidly dissipate the effects of alcohol, relieve the discomfort of alcohol, protect liver and kidney from the chemical damages.



          Yin Lu Mei: relieve constipation, condition the stomach, and regulate the "three highs"



          Ning Xiang Tang: improve female skin, anti-aging, comprehensive conditioning.



          In participating in this session of CPhI, Appchem showed not only the strong hard power of the company, but also the good corporate culture and the team style to all sectors of society. In the three-day exhibition, we have attracted a large number of fans with strength and image.


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