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        The dog how to prevent high temperature disease

        Number of visits: Date:2017-07-18

          Now is the dog days of summer, hot weather, the days of high temperatures has let people screaming too much, the emergency capacity of the hospital is also rising. Among them, heat stroke, air conditioning, gastrointestinal diseases, such as "high temperature disease" is particularly prominent. So, how in the end of the summer? The following small series with a look at expert tips.
          Heat stroke: dizziness, nausea, upset, irritable
          High temperatures have led to a dramatic increase in heat stroke. It used to be the workers or peasants who braved the heat, and now the elderly, the children, the white-collar workers can not stand the sun, and even the mood is followed by heat stroke. Dizziness, nausea, pallor and other symptoms can even be life-threatening after heat stroke. Emotional heat in medicine known as summer affective disorder syndrome, the main symptoms are irritability, mood disorders, bilious thinking etc..
          Expert weapon: high temperature days to minimize out, heatstroke prevention measures do, through appropriate physical exercise to enhance their heat resistance is also very important. Ensure adequate sleep, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink green tea, eat less greasy food. Good psychological adjustment, meet the unsatisfactory thing to learn emotional transfer, don't get too.
        Air conditioning disease: cold cold, blood vessels easily collapse
          In the sweltering weather, air conditioning has become a "personal bodyguard", which is air-conditioned people go where to drill, due to improper air conditioning caused by "air conditioning disease" also followed. The air temperature is too low will catch a cold. Frequent air conditioning room, with vascular contraction and expansion, may induce myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other diseases, especially the elderly basic diseases, cardiovascular problems more easily caught.
          Expert advice: summer not long-term stay in air-conditioned room, especially the history of hypertension in elderly cerebral infarction, more attention should be paid to. The temperature of the air conditioner should not be lower than 26 degrees, and at the same time, doors and windows should be opened and ventilated for a period of time. Early morning and evening to the outdoors to breathe fresh air, strengthen the body's ability to adapt.
          Gastrointestinal diseases: Tanliang drink cold, diarrhea
          Summer is the weakest time of gastrointestinal function, a little careless will cause all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases, especially diarrhea patients increased significantly. Tanliang caused by cold drink cold invasion, for this type of diarrhea by Chinese medicine are better, do not abuse of antibiotics.
          Expert weapon: be sure to pay attention to food hygiene and reasonable diet.  Especially the children's body organs are still in the developmental stage, digestive function is not yet perfect, especially to control the consumption of cold drinks, to prevent the cold. When necessary, you can eat the essence of Astragalus tablets, regulating intestinal function.
        Skin disease: mosquito bites, allergic
          The sun in the sky, many people choose to go to the outdoor swimming, such "sun bath" but is likely to cause skin damage, such as peeling blisters. At the same time, summer is a high incidence of allergies, many people will have allergies. In summer, 70% of allergies are caused by mosquito bites, and parasites can easily be taken to humans. Children weak constitution, poor antigenicity, the most susceptible to mosquito bites.
          Expert weapon: high temperature days before going out should be painted sunscreen as much as possible, do good protection measures. After the skin has been exposed, it is best to wipe the sweat with a dry towel, and then cool the skin with a cold towel for a moment. If the allergy caused by mosquito bites, it can take some anti histamine drugs, containing ingredients coated with some calamine lotion or lotion. Try not to use oil, toilet water, these products can only temporarily relieve itching, and no cure, can also cause allergy two times.

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